Demand-Generating Design for B2B Marketing Teams
Cloudpattern Creative helps B2B enterprise technology marketing teams get results — without the agency friction.
Tom is everything you want in a creative partner: accountable, precise, curious and unfailingly reliable.
Josh Kivenko, VP of Marketing, Upland Software
Is Your Enterprise Marketing Underperforming?
You Need Better Leads...
But your marketing materials aren't visually communicating your value.
You're Time-Starved...
But your current design solution requires numerous and lengthy revision cycles.
Your Brand is Growing Stale...
But you don't have budget, bandwidth or buy-in for an expensive agency rebrand.
Your Branding is Inconsistent...
But you have paid a fancy agency for a thorough brand guide and sexy templates.
Your Collateral is Generic...
But your advanced enterprise software solutions are exceptional.
You're Swamped by Analytics...
But you have forgotten that your prospects are humans who judge what they see.
Tom has a rare ability to take a concept and elevate it to the next level by delivering spectacular branding and visual messaging. His work is truly exceptional, and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Nina McIntyre, SVP of Marketing, Authoria
Are You Ready to Make Design a Priority?
The Cloudpattern Solution
Lead-Generating Design
These days, so much of marketing design is about generating leads. You want to convey quality and signal value — to drive engagement. Your prospects are humans, and humans respond to compelling design. It's simple: better design = better leads.
Ongoing Design Support
While you may not be ready for an in-house designer, your B2B marketing team has ongoing design needs for your campaigns, product launches and events. You need a committed design partner, not a moonlighting freelancer.
Brand Evolution
Your brand may be getting tired, but you don't have the bandwidth for a full agency rebrand. I can help evolve your brand in subtle yet meaningful ways that will freshen things up without freaking out the CEO or disrupting your day-to-day work.
Up and Running Quickly
Because of my 15 years working with enterprise teams, I "get" your design needs. From CEO keynotes, to complex diagrams, to the full collateral stack — I'm quick to absorb your design patterns to ensure my work honors and elevates your brand.
Fewer Review Cycles
I'm not the least expensive designer you could partner with, but have you considered how much time you spend on review cycles? My experience allows me to quickly comprehend your requests and execute them well on the first round.
Intelligent Design
Your product or service may be complex, abstract or technical. Designing for the enterprise can be challenging, so why would you have an intern do it? You need a sophisticated designer who gets your complex marketing needs.
Tom engages in every project as a full team member, and in every case has sharpened the focus, clarified the strategy and improved the finished product.
Claude Sheer, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Board of Directors, Vizsafe
What is Demand-Generating Design?
As partners, we work together to have more impact on your audiences in everything they see.
Tom is a great business partner and has become a valued extension of our marketing team.
Allen Johnson, Head of Corporate Marketing, Lumesse
Tom Reardon
Intelligent Designer
Between the expensive, process-heavy agency and the unfocused freelancer, there is Cloudpattern Creative.
Tom takes a strategic approach to understanding a client's goals and delivers clean, elegant work with remarkable speed.
Lisa Kilborn, Director of Corporate Communications, Zmags
Enterprise Clients
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