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↓ Project: Driven Insights branding and website. Built on Squarespace.


↓ Project: Marketo landing page variations for Upland Software. Designed and developed.

Landing page design for Marketo Landing page design for Marketo Landing page design for Marketo

↓ Project: Red Twist Shopify eCommerce site

Red Twist Shopify home page Red Twist features page Red Twist catalog page Red Twist product page

↓ Project: Design of Vizsafe landing page, dashboard UI and iOS app

Vizsafe landing page Vizsafe dashboard UI Vizsafe iOS app UI Vizsafe iOS app UI

↓ Project: Dedicated photography site for my work, using Koken

Tom Reardon photography mosaic page

↓ Project: LOPE Texas site redesign with Wordpress

LOPE Texas home page LOPE Texas blog page LOPE Texas horse page LOPE Texas DVD page

↓ Project: Event logo for Talent Management Summit.

Event logo for Talent Management Summit

↓ Project: "Pitch deck" for HCD Learning. I do a LOT of pitch decks for startups.

↓ Project: Concept and UI vision for forthcoming iPad app (personal project).

↓ Project: Some simple ePub book covers for iBooks.

↓ Project: Port Townsend t-shirt designs, just for fun.

↓ Project: Recently returned from Port Townsend, WA, and have updated my Port Townsend gallery

Port Townsend poster and postcard

↓ Project: Simple Squarespace portfolio site for local artist (also took the photos).

Mike Gersmann Portfolio site

↓ Project: Poster and Austin Chronicle ad for LOPE Benefit Concert and Party.

↓ Project: Cloudpattern business cards via Moo.

Cloudpattern Business Card

↓ Project: Three logos for software projects with business partner.

Codeglory Logos

↓ Project: O'Gan Fine Leather Goods logo. Site coming soon.

O'Gan Fine Leather Goods logo

↓ Project: Archie's Island Furniture rebranding + web design + eCommerce development with Shopify

↓ Project: Archie's Island Furniture landing page campaign

↓ Project: Valentina Shoes Shopify development; branding and template customization by Rose Daniels Design

↓ Project: Fetchmytrips branding, logo and web application interface. Still in development.

↓ Project: Some quick mockups for BTH softcover; publisher stayed with original.

↓ Project: Beyond the Homestretch website + collateral

↓ Project: Photoshop page mockups for Supermedia redesign, in collaboration with Rose Daniels Design

↓ Project: LOPE Texas Retraining Racehorses DVD cover + menu design

↓ Project: LOPE Texas Website + Magazine Ads

↓ Project: ATG Document Re-design + Layout to align with rebranding initiative

↓ Project: Branding, design + development for 2009 Authoria Customer Conference

↓ Project: Branding + design for 2008 Authoria Customer Conference