Client References
Tom is the most professional and business-minded creative I have worked with in a long time. He is everything you want in a creative partner: accountable, precise, curious and unfailingly reliable. The bottom line is that Tom may care about your brand more than you do and delivers to the highest standards. I recommend Tom with the highest regard.
Josh Kivenko
VP of Marketing, Upland Software
As we looked to increase our lead generation, it was clear that we needed a bolder and more compelling design approach to grow our online and social media engagement. Tom's clean, polished, and vivid design work has helped us achieve this goal while also elevating the overall look and feel of our brand.
Amy Carey
VP of Corporate & Security Product Marketing, CSPi
Tom listens carefully to feedback, diplomatically asks qualifying questions, patiently outlines creative options, and produces a final product that is even better than what was originally imagined. I would gladly hire and readily work with Tom again, which I consider the best testimony one can provide.
Martha Collins
Senior Strategic Marketing Executive, Spark Marketing
Tom is part of a tiger team we brought in to help with a large collateral creation project. Together with a group of freelance writers they are the "pros from Dover" and they are getting it done with speed and efficiency. I say it on every status call: "It is a pleasure to work with true professionals."
Doug Mow
Global Chief Marketing Officer, QuEST Global
Tom is one of the easiest, most reliable, high-quality graphic designers I've ever worked with. He takes a strategic approach to understanding a client's goals and delivers clean, elegant work with remarkable speed. I had the pleasure of working with Tom first at ATG, and was so happy with his work and professionalism that I hired him again as my go-to designer at the start-up I joined. Complementing his design skill, Tom really listens to his clients' needs, is proactive, and does everything he can to be a real part of the team.
Lisa Kilborn
Director of Corporate Communications, Zmags
I've had the pleasure of working with Tom during my time as Director of Marketing at Upland Software. His work has always been exemplary. To say he is a skilled designer is putting it lightly; he's highly motivated with a creative mind, not to mention super easy to work with. What's more, projects are always completed on time, if not ahead of time. Tom isn't any ordinary designer, he's also a strategic thinker. Whenever I present him with a project, he thinks about the voice that needs to come across before he starts concepting. The end result is incredible work!
Sara Whitwer
Director of Marketing, Upland Software
Tom is a sophisticated designer who engages well at both tactical and strategic levels. We worked with Tom to reinvent our brand and website, key components of a comprehensive growth strategy for our firm. He invested the time to discuss our business goals and challenge us to articulate how we wanted our brand to authentically speak to future customers and partners. He effectively balanced the design efforts with SEO and lead-generation needs and was always mindful of the budget. The end result is a bold and modern brand and website that is the center piece for our marketing efforts. We have found a true long-term partner in Tom and highly recommend him to others.
Dave Robinson
Founding Partner, Driven Insights
We're not the easiest company to work with, always event-driven and operating on compressed time schedules. Tom has always treated us as though we were his only client and only concern of the moment, and has never disappointed. The quality of his work is excellent. His suggestions on how to improve our work always welcomed and appreciated. And his willingness to be accommodating whenever possible is always valued. Tom is a great business partner, and has become a valued extension to our marketing team. I offer up this recommendation with mixed emotions … on the one hand I am happy to recommend Tom. On the other, I'd love to keep him our little secret.
Allen Johnson
Head of Corporate Marketing, Lumesse
I've had the pleasure of working with Tom on many complicated content projects. In addition to a keen eye for a design and a masterly approach to his craft, Tom brings a curious mind and great problem-solving skills. Even when my client (and I) are struggling to articulate what needs to happen, Tom is skillful at drawing out what's in our heads to communicate our message in a brilliant and simple visual way.
Sara Breuer
Partner, Sol Marketing
I've worked with Tom on a number of design and presentation projects. In every case Tom has delivered really great work on time and on budget. More importantly, Tom engages in every project as a full team member and in every case has sharpened the focus, clarified the strategy and improved the finished product. I will work with Tom again and recommend him without reservation.
Claude Sheer
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Board of Directors, Vizsafe
Tom was a very important and central part of our team. He has a rare ability to take a concept and elevate it to the next level by delivering spectacular branding and visual messaging. For example, his work to design all the elements of our customer conferences established a quality level well beyond our actual budget and resulted in steady attendance growth. I was lucky to be able to hire Tom as a design consultant at ATG, following his work on my team at Authoria, where he delivered very impressive print materials for our North America and European marketing programs. Tom's work is truly exceptional and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Nina McIntyre
SVP of Marketing, Authoria
Tom is an incredible graphic designer that I have enjoyed working with for over 10 years. We started as co-workers, but as he moved on to freelance I always go to him for graphic and web design. Not only does he come up with very clean and high-impact designs, Tom spends the time to research and understand the concept you want to communicate. Therefore he doesn't just come up with pretty pictures, but creates logos or web pages that tell your story in a very unique and clear way. I love working with Tom because he always exceeds my expectations.
Zibby Crawford
Director of Marketing Programs, Peoplefluent
Tom is my go-to design partner and always delivers. Because he's sharp and understands what I'm trying to accomplish in my business, he can hit the ground running whenever I engage him with a new project — and I can relax knowing the outcome will exceed expectations. As a busy sales consultant, I trust Tom to make my work stand out, get noticed and drive home the value of my message.
Andy Paul
Enterprise Sales Authority (Podcaster, Author, Speaker, Consultant)
Tom is absolutely my favorite designer to work with. If any enterprise tech companies are looking for a better design approach and want to work with a great guy who understands design's impact on lead gen and other marketing goals, I highly recommend Cloudpattern. Highly experienced, very focused, and always exceeds expectations.
Jason Rasmuson
Principal, Running Start Communications
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